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Pat Rawlings: Sketches


Pat Rawlings has produced a large number of images for all of the NASA Centers. Because of this it is sometimes assumed that all of his imagery is available for free use. It is not. Please refer to the copyright status of the specific image(s) that are of interest in order to ascertain the images availability. If the image was done for NASA or JPL please refer to their usage policies at the links below.

JPL Image Policy:

Reproduction Guidelines for Use of NASA Images and Emblems:

Vision Spaceport Images

The Vision Spaceport images should always be used with the following credit:

Vision Spaceport artwork by Pat Rawlings/SAIC

They were done for a joint industry/NASA study of the future of NASA spaceport facilities. If you need more information on these images you can contact:

Carey M. McCleskey
NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center
Mail Code: YA-C
HQ Bldg Rm. 3384
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899-0001
[email protected]